Initial Local Testing along with Fix/Improvement List

It’s so amazing in the past couple weeks that we can manage to push things out and implement features that we expected for the very first stable demo build should be. In fact, we would like to create such a dev build that can express our design and feeling from playing this kind of action game to players. There’s also a plus by doing those things as we will have a stable build in hands ready to showcase to larger audience in some possible indie game events in the future. The major benefit is to understand them more, and improve the game.

At this stage, we handed the games to some of our close friends. Let them play without information, or any guidances. We then note some useful data by sneaking behind them and write down everything!

Fix/Improvement list

Fix/Improvement list

A current build consists of

  • Fast and Simple tutorial showcasing current 3 possible combos that the game already had.
  • Wave-by-wave Gameplay
    Currently there’s 5 waves with easy setup to test how players react. We don’t want it to be too difficult as developers themselves always good at their own game. We can fine tune it later when we have larger audience.
  • Boss fight with dialogue cut-scene
    Currently Mask Hero is the boss in prologue gameplay.
  • Intro and outtro cut-scene

Initial notable data we got from seeing testers playing our game in real action is as following.

  • Major known bug keep popping up 3 times in one single gameplay session.
    We knew this, and it will be fixed very soon, but now it’s put on hold as this bug comes in not often, something like once for 10-15 gameplays. So we need to keep focus on more important things in line first.
  • A couple of UIs need to be improved in order to make it stand out and easily understand in the first eye-catch.
  • Enemy AI should be harder and improved in some ways.
    Yeah, we can make it real hard for developers to pass and audience to try again and again :P
  • They learned to evade out then approach back to attack enemies without being hit. This happened after they died a couple of times. So it means learning curve is in good steak, and not too high.
  • A couple of features like special attack has no real impact at the moment, so it’s good to see that they use rarely. This confirms the thing should be.

We’re thinking about capturing a gameplay video to showcase the features above. But right now, let us fix and improve things first. Check back again for more!

SC – Wasin