Expect some delays

We’ve been off in accumulated of a few months since the time going back from TGS 2013. So we would let you know that it’s sure that you can expect some delays of the game.

Things got done pretty slowly during that time, and has gone back to normal since the late of January up until now.

Wasin is working more on implementing game features rather than main gameplay and zombie AI, while Kumpol keeps pumping out new zombie assets every week before the time Wasin will go back and integrate them. There’s more work on AI part making several different kind of behaviors that should look right and suitable for zombie. It’s expected to be time consuming as some grounds are needed to be covered and refresh in order to achieve that realistic level. From now to the end of development, we might be quite quiet on social interaction, and will be showing only an important things from the game as we think it will spoil the game out.