Tokyo Game Show 2013 – Days and Aftermaths – Part III

The previous two parts were about our own experience in exhibiting the game, but it won’t be any close to complete if we won’t include other booths (at least some of them) we’ve visited throughout 4 days of TGS.

To note it again, the story came from the perspective of our producer @ping.

– story continued from Part II

When there’re chances for some gaps of time, I then went to visit other booths to try their games or just to take some shots.

First of all, I’ve tried this game in similar with Strider Hiryu style. It’s totally rage!

Monster Hunter booth takes the head of dragon to decorate, so gorgeously amazing.

World of Tank pretties came with a battle tank.

I really liked this game, J-Star VS. It is a game that gathers character from Jump to fight in the game.

It came readily with Robin …

and Nami.

This year, Bandai Namco was attractively decorated. They had large screens locating all around the booth.

Display of God Eater 2

There’s a Gundum head whose size was in real scale also located at the center of the booth.

Pretty is cute!

I’ve tried all the games of Bandai Namco (in Business Day, there’re not many people so the queue wasn’t that long to be waited).

Sony booth whose enormous screen was projecting Final Fantasy XV.

This one is so cool, Xperia x Head Mounted Display.

So I decided to jump in a queue (nose bleeding).

Titan Fall from Xbox One, nice graphics.

There’s a lot of Taiwanese coming to exhibit the games this year. Each game was in high quality.

As well for Thailand, it’s not only us that came but there’re some others.

Square Enix booth, every year they came with the amazing show on screen.



Apart of those, there’re some with cartoon suits.

This was Gree’s social game part. I didn’t visit the booth but only took some photos from the outside.

Pretties came in with different avatar representing characters in games.

EA booth, focuses mainly at Battle Field 4.

Gungho whose Puzzle and Dragons came in really hot and is currently at the top in Japan. Below is all the girls in line.

Conclude this part with gang of pretties behind our own booth (but this booth didn’t open in Public day, they might want to focus on press primarily).


– End –

Coming next part, I will share with you the linked articles & video in which our game got coverage, interesting tidbits-information, and (again) summary of useful statistics we found during the journey in Tokyo Game Show 2013.

So stay tune for final part, Part IV.