Tokyo Game Show 2013 – Days and Aftermaths – Part I

The following story is originally written by our producer and shared somewhere else in Thai. It’s a full coverage, so here at our zombie blog I translated, and added a little bit more detail. Have fun reading it!

– begin of the story –

I’m (@dotpng) about to share experience from our journey exhibiting Zombie Hero : Revenge Of Kiki game in Tokyo Game Show 2013.

It all started by @haxpor, a programmer of the team, who got a contact from a personnel who organizes and involves with TGS2013 during attending Networking Game Asia 2013 in Singapore. At first, there’re some thoughts whether or not to pursue and attend this kind of event because of such a high cost for a small team. If we take this budget into the production, it should grab a ton more. But after thinking back and forth, never try never know. We could get something nice back. A decision was made, and we will go to Tokyo. [A main expectation we seek from attending is to find such a potential publisher to help marketing and distributing our game and of course, press and media coverage.]

We decided for the booth zone that suits to our game, of course what we chose is Mobile Game but there’s a more specific like Start-up and Indie booth type which have lower price with a cutting off to only 2 business days only. The whole event runs for 4 days during 19-22 September. First two days are business day, it targets on press and media. Another two days are public day, this allows for public audience (gamers more likely) to enter. So we decided to choose Turnkey booth with size 2x2m in Mobile booth type. The price is nearly 70k THB.

For accessories and tools to decorate the booth, there will be only a cabinet provided on site. Other than that, they provide things for rent whose rate is high i.e. TV, if we just buy a new one in Japan, it will be cheaper but it means that we have to take care of moving it around. At any rate, we bought a new one there sacrificing our sweat for cheaper cost and better quality of it.

All other accessories to decorate the booth, we all bought them from 100 Yen Shop. This included stands to hold iPhone and iPad, headphones, leaflet holder, matte to cover the cabinet, screw driver, scissors, etc. We should pay respect this shop as a god, they have everything we need in one go.

So below is the our booth in final.

In event day, not sure whether we should consider it as our luck or not as the opposite booth is about swimsuit for idols. Their presenter just took off the shirt and show swimsuit like you see in the photo below without any bit of shyness especially from surrounding booths (nose bleeding).

Not only that, the booth behind us is about educational game!! It has the similar booth size equals to ours but with a load of pretties in school uniform!! See it yourself below (nose bleeding again and again …).

With the cause of sexy pretties both in front of us and behind us, this increases our booth’s traffic implicitly but with only one drawback, they mostly didn’t pay much attention to the game content.

After felt excited from the surrounding booths, not so long until we have some visitors.

If there’re Japanese came to visit the booth (which cannot speak English) I will take care of it with my basic Japanese communication that’s roughly enough to get job done.

But if it’s foreigner @haxpor will take care of it.

Some Japanese people while they’re playing the game, they express their feeling and impression clearly (we really like it). Like this girl below, when she can perform a new combo, she will smile and feel excited ie. “Ohh Hooo”. Clearly seen by us.

There’s a guy from Square-Enix came to pay a visit to our booth as well, when he came I’m really exciting.

His contact card (some parts are disclosed for privacy) is below.
He is a manager in online game division, and seems to be a producer as well (we didn’t know the game name by the way).

There’s also a section of indie booth.

After that there’re publishers from different countries came to visit our booth, played the game, and exchanged business cards. Most of them, we didn’t know as they didn’t primarily publish the games in our homeland country. Not to mention about companies that help in ranking in App Store that came to offer their service from time to time.

Then around 4 PM, we have a pre-arranged meeting with a notable publisher. They’re interested in talking with us in which we contacted them via Business Matching System as part of TGS2013 that allows companies to make appointments before the event day. The meeting went very smoothly, they really showed interests in our game. In the meantime, we’ve sent the game build for them to evaluate and it’s underway according to their process.

After that around 5 PM, we’re invited to attend Tokyo Game Show Award 2013 at the near hotel of the conference hall.

Games that have been awarded is as follows.

Truthfully in the ceremony, there’re a lot of notable developers and behind the scenes people of successful games but I didn’t know any of them. It’s such a pity.

And this concludes business day.
Stay tune for public day post.