Zombie Hero : Revenge of Kiki Coming to App Store + Beta Test Recruiting

We would love to tell you that our mobile game “Zombie Hero : Revenge of Kiki” is coming to App Store real soon. Before that happens, we’re open for beta testing for anyone with iOS devices who interested to help us even more polish and refine the game!

The Game

Zombie Hero is an old-school 2D beat’em up in which you actually play the bad guy; yay; villain fighting loads of zombies who once were super-heroes. Humor has always been a cornerstone for us when developing Zombie Hero. From the cinematic intro to the enemies and environments, we tried to make the best use of Comics inspired graphics, parody character familiar to most people!

Zombie Hero will be F2P. It features an upgrade system based on combos improvement. There are a bunch of items that help you along the way too. However it has been an important thing for us to set up in such a way that you can play without making any IAP purchase.

Beta-Testing Recruiting

If you would like to help us make the game better, and hopefully squeeze any bugs that might be found, just go HERE!

Hopefully the build will be available soon enough probably within a week from now.

Remember, if you have multiple iOS devices, you can submit the form multiple times. Just read instruction on the form as you enter :)

The Team


@secretcharsg; small indie team working remotely. We communicate mainly via e-mail, Google hangout and meet face-to-face a couple of times per 1 or 2 months. The team …

  1. Design, and Project as large (@dotpng – center)
  2. Art / Animation (@kumsmkiiii80 – right)
  3. Development (@haxpor – left)

In Actions!

Gif in action 2 Gif in action 1
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

What do you guys think? Feel free to tell us.


Expect some delays

We’ve been off in accumulated of a few months since the time going back from TGS 2013. So we would let you know that it’s sure that you can expect some delays of the game.

Things got done pretty slowly during that time, and has gone back to normal since the late of January up until now.

Wasin is working more on implementing game features rather than main gameplay and zombie AI, while Kumpol keeps pumping out new zombie assets every week before the time Wasin will go back and integrate them. There’s more work on AI part making several different kind of behaviors that should look right and suitable for zombie. It’s expected to be time consuming as some grounds are needed to be covered and refresh in order to achieve that realistic level. From now to the end of development, we might be quite quiet on social interaction, and will be showing only an important things from the game as we think it will spoil the game out.


Tokyo Game Show 2013 – Days and Aftermaths – Part III

Gundum Head

The previous two parts were about our own experience in exhibiting the game, but it won’t be any close to complete if we won’t include other booths (at least some of them) we’ve visited throughout 4 days of TGS. To note it again, the story came from the perspective of our producer @ping. – story continued…
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Tokyo Game Show 2013 – Days and Aftermaths – Part II

Chubby boy pay attention fully to the game

Please note that the story is written from the perspective of @dotpng, so “I” in the story means himself – story continued from Part I – So, let’s continue with public day. Public day allows public audience to enter the hall and is the day that Japanese gamers will centralize at this event. Sure thing,…
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Tokyo Game Show 2013 – Days and Aftermaths – Part I

The following story is originally written by our producer and shared somewhere else in Thai. It’s a full coverage, so here at our zombie blog I translated, and added a little bit more detail. Have fun reading it!

– begin of the story –

I’m (@dotpng) about to share experience from our journey exhibiting Zombie Hero : Revenge Of Kiki game in Tokyo Game Show 2013.

It all started by @haxpor, a programmer of the team, who got a contact from a personnel who organizes and involves with TGS2013 during attending Networking Game Asia 2013 in Singapore. At first, there’re some thoughts whether or not to pursue and attend this kind of event because of such a high cost for a small team. If we take this budget into the production, it should grab a ton more. But after thinking back and forth, never try never know. We could get something nice back. A decision was made, and we will go to Tokyo. [A main expectation we seek from attending is to find such a potential publisher to help marketing and distributing our game and of course, press and media coverage.]

We decided for the booth zone that suits to our game, of course what we chose is Mobile Game but there’s a more specific like Start-up and Indie booth type which have lower price with a cutting off to only 2 business days only. The whole event runs for 4 days during 19-22 September. First two days are business day, it targets on press and media. Another two days are public day, this allows for public audience (gamers more likely) to enter. So we decided to choose Turnkey booth with size 2x2m in Mobile booth type. The price is nearly 70k THB.

For accessories and tools to decorate the booth, there will be only a cabinet provided on site. Other than that, they provide things for rent whose rate is high i.e. TV, if we just buy a new one in Japan, it will be cheaper but it means that we have to take care of moving it around. At any rate, we bought a new one there sacrificing our sweat for cheaper cost and better quality of it.

All other accessories to decorate the booth, we all bought them from 100 Yen Shop. This included stands to hold iPhone and iPad, headphones, leaflet holder, matte to cover the cabinet, screw driver, scissors, etc. We should pay respect this shop as a god, they have everything we need in one go.

So below is the our booth in final.

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